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Are you wanting to instantly take years off your look? Make your eyes pop with flawless lashes and get ready to say goodbye to mascara forever! Here at Lash Esthetica, we can take care of all of that for you. One of our highly trained and sought-after lash specialists will help you to achieve your desired look.
This is achieved through the application of semi-permanent lash extensions which are applied individually to each of your natural lashes. Using a variety of lashes, we can completely customise your perfect look, whether you are looking for something subtle, dramatic, or anything between.

Each client will receive an in-depth consultation as we walk you through the different looks that can be achieved with the different types of lashes that can be used, before deciding what is best suited to your lashes.
Lash Esthetica uses an advanced technique of application that does not damage your natural lashes, ensuring the longevity of your lash extensions. Single extensions of Russian Volume lashes are applied directly to your individual natural lashes to ensure the best and healthiest result is achieved every time.

At Lash Esthetica, we understand how important it is to use only the highest quality of ingredients and products, and have spent countless hours researching and experimenting with products to bring you nothing but the best.

Lash Commandments for every Lash Esthetica Babe

I. Thou shall keep the new lash extension dry for the next 24 hours.

II. Thou shall avoid long hot showers and steamy saunas after the lash extension is applied.

III. Thou shall keep one’s lash extension away from cosmetic products that contain oil.

IV. Thou shall not use a cotton make up pad to clean lashes for the cotton fibre may damage the eyelash extensions.

V. Thou shall avoid tugging and getting lash extension caught on towels or cloths.

VI. Thou shall not perm or curl ones eyelash extensions.

VII. Thou shall not use a water proof mascara for one must use an oil base cleanser to clean it off.

VIII. Should mascara ever be required, one must use a special formulated mascara designed for eyelash extensions.

IX. Thou shall not PANIC when a few lash extensions fall out. Due to the cycle of the natural lashes, eyelash extensions will shed and thin out over time.

X. Thou shall love and cherish thou new eyelash extensions and take them back for refill every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking beautiful and full.

Unsure of Which Lashes You Want?

Classic Lashes consist of an individual lash that is applied to your natural lash, ensuring perfect isolation of your lashes and maintaining their health. Russian Volume Lashes use finer lashes to create a full-look without weighing down your natural lashes. During this process, your lash specialist will hand-make all fans and will apply anywhere from 2D to 6D extensions onto one individual lash. Mega Volume Lashes involve your lash specialist creating custom fans using even finer lashes than those of Russian Volumes. These fans will consist of anywhere from 8D to 20D lash extensions, and will add some extra drama to your life.
  • 1/4 Set refers to applying extensions to the outer corners of your eyes.
  • 1/2 Set refers to applying extensions from the middle to the outer corners of your eyes.
  • Natural Sets are a natural coverage of your entire eye.
  • Fullsets are a complete coverage of your entire eye.

Lash Esthetica Price List


Uses the traditional 1:1 lash application method
  • Natural set $100
  • Full set $169
  • 1/2 set $80
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  • 2 week infill $65
  • 3 week infill $95
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50/50 mixture of classic & Russian Volume lashes
  • Natural set $140
  • Fullset $189
  • 2 week infill $85
  • 3 week infill $109
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Hand-made volume fans consisting of 2D-6D lashes
  • Natural set $205
  • Fullset $270
  • 2 week infill $99
  • 3 week infill $125
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Dramatic volume fans consisting of 8D-20D lashes
  • Fullset $405
  • 2 week infill $185
  • 3 week infill $275
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  • Eyelash tint w/ hand massage $25
  • Eyelash tint w/ extensions $20
  • Eyelash lift $80
  • Eyelash lift & tint $95
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  • Eyebrow tint $20
  • Eyebrow tint & wax $40
  • Eyebrow tint, wax & lash tint $55
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Prep for Your Appointment

To ensure that we have the correct amount of time for your lash appointment, please follow these steps prior to coming in:

  • Please come to your lash appointment free of any eye make-up, If eye make up is worn to your appointment a surcharge of $15 will be added to your appointment.
  • We recommend avoiding waterproof mascara 3 days prior to your appointment.
  • Avoid using an oil-based products 48 hours prior to your appointment, or any products that contain glycerine as oil & glycerine will be absorbed into your natural lashes will affect the adherence of the extensions.
  • Please allow enough time for your appointment: our technicians are all very efficient, but lash extensions can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on your set.

Marie Felice Eyebrow Specialist

At Marie Felice Eyebrow Specialist, we specialise in brow sculpts, lash lifts and eyebrow tattooing.

Marie has over 18 years of experience as a beauty therapist, ran her own beauty salon for 10 years, and is now solely specialising in brow artistry. Her love and passion for eyebrows really shows in her work. The attention to detail she gives to each and every client is a true reflection of her love for all things brows!

For all bookings and enquiries, call or text Marie on 0434 614 783.

Make Your Eyes Pop!

We look forward to welcoming you to Sydney’s premier lash destination, Lash Esthetica.

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